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How To Instal And Get Microsoft Office Picture Manager Back In Office 2013

If you are using Microsoft Office 2013, you might have noticed that it doesn't come with "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" program. Picture Manager was an excellent and small program included in Office suite which used to help users in viewing, editing and managing pictures quickly and easily. It also used to provide a few advanced image editing features such as crop, auto correct, rotate, flip, red-eye removal, resize, etc.
Basically it was a nice piece of program to edit pictures but now its no longer included in Office suite. The reason looks very simple. This program was not updated since Office 2003 version and was looking out-of-date, that's why Microsoft decided to discontinue its development.
But there are many Office users who are missing this nice little program and want to get it back in Office 2013 version.
After receiving many emails from AskVG readers about the same request, today I decided to post this tutorial which will help you in getting "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" program back in Office 2013.
Using following simple steps you can install missing Picture Manager tool in your system containing the latest Office 2013 version.
The idea behind adding this program back is very simple. We'll use a previous Office suite setup and will customize it to install only Picture Manager program:
1. You can use any Office version setup such as Office 2010, 2007 or 2003. Simply run the Office installer, enter product key and when it asks for installation type, click on "Customize" button as shown in following screenshot:
2. On next screen, click on each given program link and select "Not Available" from the options list:
3. Then click on "Microsoft Office Picture Manager" program link present in "Office Tools" section and select "Run from My Computer" option.
So you'll get a screen similar to following where all program entries except Picture Manager will have a red cross icon on them:
4. That's it. Click on "Install Now" button and let the setup install the program. It'll take a few minutes and once the setup finishes, you'll be able to enjoy Picture Manager program in Office 2013 version.
Do you also love this handy program in Office suite or you use any other image editing program? Feel free to share your comment...

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12:55:00 PM

Gan, apakah Microsoft Office Picture Manager di Windows 8 tidak ada???

2:23:00 PM

Iya sob tidak ada

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